what does smoking do to your heart

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“Smoking Is Injurious To Health”, we all have heard these quotes once in our lifetime. But only a few people pay attention to it, the rest of the people seem to ignore it. It is not that they are not aware of the harmful facts of smoking. But smoking has become their habitual. They are so badly addicted to it, that they want to get rid of it but they are helpless.

So, in this article, we will tell you about the plenty of harmful effects which are caused due to smoking.


Well, by the year 1964, it was officially declared that smoking causes lung cancer by the Surgeon of the US. Smoking is not only the reason for lung cancer but also the reason behind the tobacco epidemic.  These are the two diseases which seem common. But there are some more diseases, people are unaware. So we need you to pay little attention. Here’s the list:


  1. Smoking May Cause People Go Blind: Well, yes you must felt shocked on reading it and must be thinking how can it be possible? But yes smoking causes the risk of aging-related degeneration, that further cause blindness in the people when they start getting old. Usually, after the age of 65, people start getting the issue in viewing and slowly slowly, they lost their vision.
  2. Erectile Problems: Few people know that their blood vessels in their body (including the vessels that help the blood to go to the penis) starts contracting/narrowing, due to the tobacco and smoking. This further puts a bad impact on the sexual parts of males. This is why they are unable to reproduce sometimes.
  3. Fractures In Hip: We all knows that everyone starts losing their bone density at a particular age, but do you know that people who smoke starts lose their bone density at the early age and that too in the faster rate. This directly causes the breaking down of the body parts like your hips.
    Quitting the habit of smoking may surely help you breaking the sweat out of your body rather than breaking the bones.
  4. Diabetes Type 2: Smoking causes diabetes, which enhances more complications. People may have to suffer from the slow flow of blood from their lefts to their feet. This is the reason sometimes people who smoke get infected inside. Eventually, smoking can make them amputate their limb. (There is a risk of losing either your foot or leg)
  5. Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is a disease, which seems to be common in women. This disease simply affects the joints in their fingers of hands and feet. Due to this disease, it starts getting swelling, which causes pain to the extent, and eventually results in joint deformity and loss of bones at a young age. Smoking is not a good habit, so one must avoid it. Smoking not only destroys the life of the one who smokes but also the other people with whom he is surrounded. Don’t take all the disease lightly.
    There are so many health care centers which promise that they will help you to get rid of smoking. So why are you waiting for ? Go and consult them regarding your habit. They will surely help you to get relieved from it. Doing this, will not only save your life but also people stay nearby
    Hope you have liked our article, so don’t forget to share this article with your near and dear ones. Must share this article with people who smoke and let them know how many diseases they are inviting.


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